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TikTok's Moon Phase Trend Supposedly Unveils Your Soulmate, But Does It Work? - Glam,TikTok is full of advice, even for relationships. Before you buy into the moon phase trend for soulmates, read what we found out about this trend.

TikTok’s Moon Phase Trend Supposedly Unveils Your Soulmate, But Does It Work? – Glam

Lately, the astrological energy on TikTok has been expounding because of the moon phase trend that is purported to inform you if the person you’re currently in a relationship with is your true soulmate or not based on your respective moon signs. Many users without a pre-existing knowledge base of astrology have been asking about what moon signs are, what they indicate about you, and why two moon signs can show if you are or aren’t with your supposed soulmate. As to whether or not the moon phase trend actually unveils your soulmate, there has been a divide amongst users on the social media platform, largely based on whether or not the trend has provided them with validation or rejection of their compatibility with their current partners.

The TikTok moon phase trend requires users to input both their own birthdate and the birthdate of their partner. If the two respective moon phases combine to create a full moon, then compatibility is said to exist. While a significant portion of users engage in trends for fun and amusement, even a little distraction from time to time, the moon trend has people questioning the authenticity of its results and trying to discern if this is just an entertaining ruse or if it actually signals true compatibility. Like most things on social media, the TikTok moon phase trend isn’t exactly a proven scientific method for determining compatibility, but it does start a conversation about what makes two people compatible in a romantic relationship. 

The importance of your moon sign


When someone states their astrological sign, it’s 99% likely it’s their sun sign. Sun signs dictate a person’s personality and perception by others. The attributes of someone’s sun sign are believed to be the qualities that are explicitly apparent to other people, akin to the way a person would describe you upon first meeting you. In contrast, moon signs are indicative of the components of someone’s personality and identity that are tucked away beneath the surface, the more intimate aspects that tend to be shared with only close friends and family members. Sometimes, the components of your moon sign may represent aspects of your existence that are so sensitive and vulnerable that only you know those parts of yourself.

Another astrological approach to sun and moon signs is to consider the sun sign as expressing outward qualities such as someone’s job, hobbies, interests, etc. Conversely, moon signs are believed to reveal information about how a person responds to emotional situations, how they deal with the obstacles in their life, and how they interact in their closest relationships. Moon signs are also trusted with determining how someone reacts to various situations and why they react in such ways, as well as how their patterns of response can be conveyed to other people. When comparing moon signs via the TikTok trend, the belief is that the results show compatibility in communication and how capable the couple purportedly is at approaching hurdles together.

Comparing a couple’s moon signs


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In astrology, an individual’s moon sign is considered to represent their intuition and deepest feelings, while in relationships the compatibility of moon signs is thought to give insight into how well a couple can connect on deeply intimate levels and how successful they will be at discussing, then subsequently resolving, difficult topics that come their way. Having compatible moon signs is also said to determine how well people will get along, even going as far as encapsulating experiences akin to “love at first sight.” Most colloquial astrology focuses on the qualities associated with sun signs, especially when people aren’t knowledgeable about the different components of astrological birth charts. Without having to get into every single astrological identifier, it’s key to note that many astrology experts, enthusiasts, and fans attest that moon signs show more authentic compatibility between two people than their sun signs indicate.

The objective of the TikTok moon phase trend is for the respective moon phases belonging to each person’s birthdate to combine to create an image of a full moon. If the match is a success, then users on the social media platform have excitedly proclaimed their appreciation and gratitude for their partners, aka their soulmates per the trend’s results. Uplifting your partner through expressions of gratitude and letting them know specific reasons why you appreciate their presence in your life can help boost the connection and confidence in your relationship, so in this regard the TikTok moon phase trend is effective.

Some users have poked fun at their results


Bruv ig i dont get a soul mate.. mines pitch black #moonphases #soulmate #fail #fyp

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The TikTok trend has users upload screenshots of the moon phase on the day they were born and another screenshot of the moon the day their partner was born, then utilizing a template in the app CapCut to create a video that is said to show the compatibility within their relationship. There are a few factors here that aren’t exactly scientific, starting with the screenshots of moon phases taken by users and whether or not the pixels of the images captured by each screenshot actually align. Not in a compatibility aspect, but in a literal manner of whether or not the tangible screenshots correctly line up with one another to show a combined moon between the moon phases within each individual image. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that this isn’t exactly a true scientific model for comparing moon signs, or even for comparing a person’s ability to take screenshots.

Some users, such as TikTok user @sleepybovine who wrote the caption “Bruv ig i dont get a soul mate..Mines pitch black,” have joked about the results of their attempts at the moon phase trend turning out as more or less new moons rather than the full moon two compatible moon signs are alleged to create. While numerous users have laughed at their results, it’s possible others may find the results disheartening or upsetting. Especially for younger users, it’s important to discuss how relationships survive on more than initial compatibility.

Humans seek validation of compatibility


In a world where validation is constantly sought online, the TikTok moon phase trend highlights how vigorously human beings want to be validated. Framing the search for validation through the lens of the moon phase trend, it can be empathetically asserted that people are not only looking for validation of their compatibility with their current partner or their romantic crush, but a validation of their inherent safety, protection, and connection to others on a deeper level, particularly since moon signs represent the innermost existence of individuals. The reality, though, is that initial compatibility, which can be described as compatibility on paper if the qualities and achievements of two people were to be compared side-by-side, isn’t what propels relationships to be successful.

Because humans seek love, deep connections, and security of community, a lot of emphasis is placed on attachment to romantic relationships and their ability to be sustained, reports Psychology Today. Where compatibility comes into this is in how relationships are approached in today’s world. For decades, magazines have doled out compatibility quizzes, the analog version of TikTok trends. In contrast, researchers state that compatibility is a process rather than the instantaneous matching of traits. Healthy relationships are built upon the compatibility of willingness of two people to strive to grow as individuals and partners. Relationships with foundations of trust, transparency, negotiation, and open communication have stronger indications of compatibility, which should ease the anxiety of TikTok users whose moon phase results provided less-than-ideal revelations.