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Elsa's 1883 Jewelry Has Fans Thinking It's An Easter Egg For Yellowstone & 1923 - Looper,Some Yellowstone franchise fans believe Elsa's bracelet from 1883 might tie in with events on 1923, as well as possible future episodes of the main show.

Elsa’s 1883 Jewelry Has Fans Thinking It’s An Easter Egg For Yellowstone & 1923 – Looper

Though “Yellowstone” may be a little closer to its end than we would’ve thought, the “Yellowstone” universe only seems to be getting bigger by way of spin-offs like “1883” and “1923.”

Those series are, of course, intended to track the historical ups and downs of the Dutton family from their claim-staking days in Montana to their modern-day defense of the sprawling Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. More than just a simple story of an epic land grab, this is one that’s every bit as much about Dutton lineage, with creator Taylor Sheridan and company savvily connecting the familial dots throughout. And these days, fans of the shows are doing their own homework and looking for “Yellowstone” callbacks and Easter eggs.

A few savvy Redditors think they’re well ahead of that game too, with some believing a gold bracelet worn by Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) in “1883” will surely make an appearance somewhere in the extended “Yellowstone” universe. That includes u/CarefulConnection504, who first posited the theory with the post, “My thought is that her [Elsa’s] gold bracelet was always so prominent during ‘1883.’ She wore it in every scene and even gave one charm in exchange for her britches. What became of it? I keep thinking Beth may have it but it’s never been written into the ‘Yellowstone’ script … Show us Elsa’s gold bracelet!”

Fans are hoping the prominent bracelet will turn up in another Yellowtsone story

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As u/CarefulConnection504 points out in their full original post, one of Elsa Dutton’s “1883” artifacts already turned up in “1923,” with Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) now in possession of her knife. So it wouldn’t be surprising if other heirlooms were passed down in a similar fashion. User u/tangberry11 agreed, claiming the bracelet was prominent enough to fit the bill. “That bracelet got a lot of screen time,” they wrote. “I’d be very surprised if it didn’t turn out to be important generationally.”

There may be a hitch regarding the current location of that bracelet, however, with u/snickelbetches noting, “I think the idea was they were hiding the money in her jewelry.” That was, in fact, the plan for the Duttons, who turned their cash into gold to transport it more safely on their journey. Redditor u/moose184 further backed this up, writing, “I’m assuming they then sold it to pay for everything once they settled. Not like it was a family heirloom or anything.”

More problematic is that u/CarefulConnection504 also verified Elsa was actually wearing the piece when she died, “Just checked pictures of her death scene. She is definitely wearing it when she died in Daddy’s arms,” with the poster adding she may well have been buried wearing it. Given the item’s value (both monetary and sentimental), it’s far more likely James Dutton (Tim McGraw) removed it before he buried his daughter. Whether he kept hit as a memento or not is another story. And if Taylor Sheridan wants to indulge in a little fan service, he could easily bring it back somewhere in the main “Yellowstone” narrative.