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Is Verizon's Lemonade Commercial Teasing A New Beyoncé Super Bowl Ad? - Looper,Many people believe Verizon's teasers for their Super Bowl LVIII commercial are hinting Grammy-winning musician Beyoncé will appear in the spot.

Is Verizon’s Lemonade Commercial Teasing A New Beyoncé Super Bowl Ad? – Looper

The annual battle for the best Super Bowl commercials is always fierce, but Verizon seems to be gearing up to beat the competition with a special star-studded ad. In the build-up to the big game, the internet provider has released multiple shorts featuring “Arrested Development” star Tony Hale, each ending with a tease that something is happening on February 11, the date of the Super Bowl. Many believe the promos suggest that Verizon’s spot will feature Beyoncé in some capacity.

Plenty of clues support the idea that Beyoncé will appear in the ad. The videos starring Hale feature nods to the superstar musician’s discography. One sees the actor note that an anonymous “she” is telling him to squeeze lemons to make lemonade, and another sees him standing next to a glittering horse statue — references to the name of Beyoncé’s 2016 album “Lemonade” and the cover of her 2022 album “Renaissance” respectively. Then, there’s the fact that both clips close out with a brief vocal crescendo, which fans may recognize from the intro of “MY HOUSE.”

Beyoncé has a history with Verizon (and commercials)

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If Beyoncé is gearing up to be in Verizon’s big commercial for the 2024 Super Bowl, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Not-so-cryptic hints aside, the two parties already maintain a working relationship; Verizon was one of the major sponsors of the musician’s 2023 Renaissance World Tour. With that precedent in mind, it only makes sense that the company would look to continue a lucrative partnership with the celebrity.

The Grammy winner is also no stranger to popping up in commercials. Throughout her career, the singer has starred in promos for various companies, including Samsung, Tiffany & Co., and H&M. One of her most prolific appearances in the ad space is with Pepsi, as she has starred in several of the brand’s most iconic spots from the past few decades.

Beyoncé turning up in Verizon’s Super Bowl ad would be fitting, considering her history with the event. She has performed during the game’s halftime show twice — once in 2013, when she devised a mini-reunion for her former group Destiny’s Child, and again in 2016 when she featured alongside Bruno Mars and Coldplay.