Nier Replicant is $15 off on PS4 and Xbox One and you can play it on your new-gen console too

A surprise Prime Day deal for Nier Replicant has given the remastered action game a healthy $15 discount just two months after its release. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are available at this reduced price, and both versions are also playable on their new-gen counterparts (with the PS5 and Xbox Series X delivering higher frame rates and shortened load times). 

There's just one small catch: you'll need to try the one-month Amazon Prime free trial to take advantage of this deal, assuming you aren't a Prime subscriber yourself. This discount is only available to Prime subs, but if you've never used the one-month Prime trial, you can easily get around that to take advantage of this deal and others like it during this year's Prime Da...

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