Madden NFL 22 Releases New Update With New Abilities and Scouting Tweaks

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Madden NFL 22 has just released a new updateand fans are crowding social media to see what tweaks have been implemented. On next-gen consoles, Scouting has been improvedin Franchise mode. Along with that addition, The Yard now has a ranked mode too. Of course, EA has taken some time to add some new pass coverages, put some new gameplay abilities into the game, and tuned moment-to-moment gameplay. All of these changes go a long way in establishing the kind of realism that Madden fans enjoy when they boot up the game. The abilities in particular are a source of joy for a lot of players as they help the individual stars feel like their real-life counterparts. Check out the new abilities down below:

The new Scouting feature set in #Madden22 is HERE & includes:

📍 Regional Assignment Scouts
📋 Different Types of Scouting
🏈 Mock Drafts
📈 Big Board Movement
🌟 Pro Day Reveals
& more️

— Madden NFL 22 (@EAMaddenNFL) October 12, 2021
Run-Off Elite- Players with this ability will distract defenders for longer with their runoffsDEV NOTE:Receiver Run-offs are when the receiver fakes as if he is running a pass route downfield. This is done to pull the defenders away from the LOS and give the ball carrier more room if he gets to the edge. Some Receivers are masters at pulling this off and making the defender feel like it is a real route he is running, that is what this Ability emulates.On The Ball- Players with this ability are much less likely to be fooled by WR runoffs.Precision Kicker- Kickers with this ability can see the entirety of the kicking arcCrusher- Defenders with this ability will cause heavy fatigue penalties when tackling a ball carrier with a hit-stick tackle.Demoralizer- Defenders with this ability will clear a ballcarrier's progress towards entering the zone with a hit-stick tackle.Mind Reader (X-Factor)- When activated, defenders can see offensive play art via coach cam.DEV NOTE:This powerful X-Factor Ability can only activate once the defensive player possessing the Ability gets in the zone by landing three successful Hit Sticks on Simulation or Arcade or five successful Hit Sticks on Competitive. You will be able to view your opponent's play art when you bring up Coach Cam. To knock the player out of the zone, you will need to gain 30 yards on offense.This X-Factor will not be immediately available in Madden Ultimate Team, but it will be available in Franchise.

EA Sports dropped some notes about home-field advantage before the game dropped:


"Madden NFL 22leverages the power of next-generation consoles to deliver the raw energy, emotion, and unpredictability of the NFL through brand-new Dynamic Gameday, which impacts gameplay across every mode," said EA of the latest installment in the Madden series via an accompanying press release. "Whether installing a weekly game plan in Franchise or going head-to-head in Play Now, games inMadden NFL 22will feel fresh with a deeper level of strategy and storytelling in each match-up and in each stadium."

What's your favorite new ability? Let us know down in the comments!

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