Should you buy a Nintendo Switch before Black Friday 2021?

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Black Friday 2021 is fast approaching, and gamers worldwide are deciding whether to make early purchases on a range of gaming products. That includes those who may be on the lookout for an early Black Friday gaming laptop deal or the cheapest Black Friday PS5 game deals.

For some, though, there’s only one product that’s worth buying this year: a Nintendo Switch. So will there be any Nintendo Switch deals in and around Black Friday? The short answer is yes. There are plenty of Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals to study, and to see if any appeal to you.

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Despite launching in March 2017, Nintendo’s hybrid console is still hugely popular among gamers – so much so that the company has sold another 8.3 million units over the past six months. That takes the Switch’s lifetime sales to almost 93 million, which is 8 million shy of Nintendo’s best-ever selling console, the Wii, which amassed 101.63 million sales.

With three Switch models available to buy – Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED – it’s unsurprising that Nintendo’s latest console has been so successful. Of course, its plethora of critically-acclaimed titles, combined with its ability to switch between handheld and docked mode, has helped it to become so popular. It means that gamers can play on their Switch wherever they go, rather than being restricted to only playing at home.

All of the above, though, presents another major question: should I purchase a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal ahead of time, or should I wait until the official day arrives on Friday, November 26?

Yes, you should grab a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal today

Black Friday is still two weeks away, but we’re already seeing some early discounts on a number of Nintendo Switch bundles online.

As our Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal blocks showcase below, gamers can make a small saving on a range of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles. Some of them include a free game as part of their package, too, so you can get down to gaming as soon as your Switch is set up.

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Titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are wildly popular games that provide days, weeks and even months of entertainment. So you’ll be getting your money’s worth if you find a deal with either game, or a similar one like Metroid Dread, included.

Purchasing a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal now is a worthwhile endeavour, too. There are plenty of other big Switch games coming out in the next year or so, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. With a Switch already in hand, then, you’ll be able to jump back into Hyrule on day one of its release without having to worry about buying a Switch at the same time.

Why should you worry about purchasing a Switch post-Black Friday, though? Because there are growing concerns about stock shortages.

As we reported on November 5, Nintendo admitted that it can’t keep up with Switch console supply and demand. In a press release following Nintendo’s latest financial report, the company stated that production is being hampered by a global shortage of semiconductors, which are a requirement for the Switch’s internal computer chips.

“We can’t produce enough [hardware] to meet the demand we are expecting during the upcoming holiday season,” Nintendo President Shuntaro Furuakawa said at the time. “Currently there is no sign of improvement and the situation continues to be severe so I can’t say how long it will continue.”

It’s likely, therefore, that there’ll be a reduced number of Switch consoles available to buy as we get close to the Holiday season. That’s especially true if mass production on Switch consoles slows down as we head into 2022. If you don’t want to miss out on picking one up before stock runs out, you should seriously consider buying one right now.

No, you should wait for the right Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal for you

On the other hand, there are some Nintendo Switch consoles that haven’t received a Black Friday reduction yet. The Switch OLED model, which is more expensive than the regular Switch or Switch Lite consoles, is currently retailing for full price.

But – and it’s a big but – there’s no guarantee that Switch OLED bundles will receive a price drop. The latest Switch model only launched in early October, so it would be strange to see Nintendo knock any money off its price so soon after its release.

That isn’t to say there may be some deals available closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s a chance that we might see Switch OLED bundles with a free game thrown in. Or we could see bundles with a game packaged in that come with a $20 or £20 reduction.

Currently, there aren’t any Switch OLED consoles or bundles that have been marked down. If you’re holding out hope for a Switch OLED price drop, then, you’ll likely have to wait until Black Friday officially arrives.

If you’re only concerned with buying a normal Switch or Switch Lite, you may be thinking about holding off on purchasing one, too. That’s a slightly dangerous game, with Switch stock potentially in short supply, at some retailers at least, as Black Friday 2021 draws closer.

But, you could get lucky and end up saving more cash if you do wait. Some Switch and Switch Lite bundles have already had $20 and £20 slashed off their usual price tags already, so we might see further reductions closer to, or during, the big day.

Last year, the Switch Lite was reduced by a similar price above – a modest price drop, we think you’ll agree. But it had been on the market for over a year by that point, with the Switch Lite arriving in September 2019. Given their respective ages, then, it’s plausible that the Switch and Switch Lite will see bigger discounts closer to Black Friday and on the day itself.

Is Black Friday the right time to buy a Nintendo Switch?

In our view? Yes, you should absolutely snag a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal if you can. It’s a wonderful piece of gaming kit with a brilliant back catalog of titles that provide immeasurable entertainment.

As for when you should buy one, the process is simple: if you want a regular Switch or Switch Lite console, now is the right time to purchase one. You might be left disappointed if you leave it any later, especially when stock inevitably starts to dry up ahead of the Holiday season.

If you’re after a Switch OLED console, though, we advise you to wait. We don’t expect that this model will be reduced on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but you can afford to wait a few weeks to see if it is. You may have to compete with other gamers if its price is slashed – most fans will have the same idea to wait for a potential discount. But, if you buy a Switch OLED now, you’ll be paying full price, which defeats the purpose of saving cash during the Black Friday period.

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