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Following its surprise announcement earlier this year, Epic Games and world-renowned rock band Radiohead have announced the release date of Kid A Mnesia Exhibition. This project is one that takes players into "an upside-down digital/analogue universe" that features a number of recordings and pieces of iconography associated with the band's albums Kid A and Amnesiac. Best of all, it also won't cost anything to check out.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition was confirmed today to be releasing next week on Thursday, November 18, and will be coming to PlayStation 5, PC, and Mac platforms. The title is also going to be completely free to download across all platforms meaning that the only barrier of entry is that you own one of the corresponding pieces of hardware that it will be available on. To accompany this announcement, a new trailer forKid A Mnesia Exhibition was also released today to better give fans an idea of what it will have in store. You can check that trailer out at the top of this page.

The KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION will be available beginning November 18th as a free download for PlayStation 5, PC and Mac:

— Radiohead (@radiohead) November 11, 2021

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition is a project that has been in the works for around two years at this point. Originally, the idea was set to have this experience be one that fans could come to see in-person at select cities around the globe. However, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic coming about within the past year, Kid A Mnesia Exhibition was then adapted to take place in the virtual world. Members associated with Radiohead, notably including frontman Thom Yorke, producer Nigel Godrich, and artist Stanley Donwood then collaborated with the studios [namethemachine] and Arbitrarily Good Productions to help make this idea a reality.

"Everything experienced within Kid A Mnesia Exhibition is sourced directly from the original artwork and multitrack recordings of those fourth and fifth Radiohead albums—all rebuilt from the original elements in a new controlled space without the limitations of stereo sound or LP/CD packaging," said a description of the experience in a new press release. "Kid A Mnesia Exhibitioncan be considered a mutant re-engineering of Kid A Mnesia, the multiple format triple-album release marking the 21st anniversary of Radiohead's Kid A and Amnesiac albums."


What do you think about Kid A Mnesia Exhibition based on the brief trailers that we have seen? If you're a fan of Radiohead, are you planning to try this game out for yourself? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12if you'd like to geek out more about Radiohead.

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