Spider-Man: No Way Home Might Have a Marvel's Spider-Man Easter Egg

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The latest trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home debuted earlier this week, and as expected, it proceeded to light the internet ablaze with fan excitement and theories. And while many prospective viewers are surely looking forward to the movie to see if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield end up returning to their previous roles as Spider-Man, it looks like the new trailer for No Way Home could have also tucked away an easter egg related to the PlayStation 4 game Marvel's Spider-Man.

Noted on Twitter recently by Kinda Funny's Tim Gettys, the opening portion of the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer seems to feature music that greatly resembles the main theme from Marvel's Spider-Man. Gettys put together a quick video to show the comparison between these two songs, and honestly, the similarities are pretty striking. based on what we have seen so far, No Way Home doesn't have any other callbacks that are tied to Marvel's Spider-Man, but perhaps this musical cue could be a tease for something more.

Just a fun #SpiderManNoWayHome trailer easter egg I noticed and haven't seen people talk about.

— Tim Gettys (@TimGettys) November 18, 2021

As a whole, Spider-Man: No Way Home is already looking to combine numerous different universes that the character has appeared in over the years. And while it was primarily thought that this crossover would only look to merge many of the film universes that Spider-Man has shown up in, perhaps there's a chance that certain elements from Marvel's Spider-Man could end up having a presence in the movie as well.

Then again, there's always just the chance that this could mean nothing whatsoever. Any similarities that there could be between these two Spider-Man themes could just be a coincidence. And even if it was done intentionally, it might be nothing more than a fun homage. As such, don't get your hopes up too high that anything directly associated with Marvel's Spider-Man could be getting mixed into No Way Home just yet.


What do you think about this situation? Is it just a coincidence that the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer happened to use some music that greatly resembled what was heard in Marvel's Spider-Man? Or could this mean something more? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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