New Edition and NKOTB Fans Argue Over Winner of 2021 AMAs Battle

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Fans of New Edition and New Kids on the Block anxiously waited for the two Boston native boy bands to hit the stage at the American Music Awards. The two groups, both founded by Maurice Starr, would share the stage for the first time in their careers. The performance was part of a new segment for the award show, "My Hometown," where artists from major cities battle it out on stage with fellow artists from the same town that helped to shape them.

Ahead of the battle, New Edition members Johnny Gill and Bobby Brown spoke about the impact of the moment. "It's not a battle, it's just us giving the fans what we think they deserve. This is purely just for entertainment," Brown told Shadow and Act in an exclusive interview.

Gill said the moment is years in the making. "New Kids are great friends of ours and come from Boston as well," Gill said. "And I just think that it was first and first and foremost, it was long overdue. Being able to collaborate and come together, and I think second, it's just that at this point in time when we look at where the music is and where the industry is, I think that we've now become the staple of what you know, what OG's are. And so we set an example and set the stage for the generation that's behind us."

The moment was well worth it. Fans of the two groups shared their thoughts on who won on social media.

Tour ideas

@NKOTB y’all need to tour with them! That was EPIC! #BattleOfBoston #NKOTBxAMAs #NewEditionAMAs #amazing #AMAs #Finally

— Kelley Grody (@ohioNKOTBfan) November 22, 2021

There was no winner for this Twitter user. Instead, both groups were so great that a joint tour is expected.

prevnextSo amazing

What an amazing performance @NKOTB #AMAs

— Amber 🇦🇺🐨️ (@amber_wallace75) November 22, 2021

Another user says NKOTB was amazing. They added a still of the group performing on stage.

prevnextNot too many words

Love it guys!!! @NKOTB #Amas

— Lorena (@loresolist) November 22, 2021

This Twitter user had minimal words. They simply loved it.

prevnextYour mama

#AMAs #CardiAMAs
New Edition won, if u disagree argue with your mama

— July 19 (@212Lexus) November 22, 2021

This Twitter user says there was simply no battle. New Edition clearly rocked the house in their book.

prevnextIt's about the fashions

Yo, them Pea Coats and hats #NewEdition was just rocking on the #AMAs was raw. If there is someone wanting to get me one for Christmas, I'd appreciate it.#NewEditionAMAs

— Ditty (@DjDDitty) November 22, 2021

If anything, this user says New Edition won off of their performance costumes alone. The group donned top hats and peacoats, wearing black and burgundy.

prevnext0commentsTalent Wins

New Edition showing these new generation “Boy Bands” how it is supposed to be done. People may age, but REAL & TRUE TALENT withstands the test of time. #AMAs

— THEE EK QueMazing 💜💛🐶 (@QueTiculate) November 22, 2021

This Twitter user says New Edition has stood the test of time. The group has been in the business for nearly 40 years.


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