“Selling Sunset” Isn’t Great This Season. But We Still Loved It.

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Estelle Tang: OK, folks. After a super dramatic Season 3 finale — Chrishell making a hasty exit from Christine’s über-goth wedding — and over a year’s worth of tabloid gossip, Selling Sunset is back for its fourth season. It seems like they have bigger celebrity guests and fancier houses, a testament to how the show’s star has risen. But let’s be honest, real estate plays second fiddle in this show. What was your favorite scene?

Scaachi Koul: Christine walking around wearing what appeared to be a bedazzled, tiny folding chair for a purse. It’s exactly what I want from Christine: unpredictable, unrealistic, fancy absurdity.

Stephanie McNeal: Christine’s baby shower with a real sloth and a shirtless man covered with body paint. I also loved when Chrishell bought her house. Her excitement seemed so genuine, and she is just so likable. Also, I enjoyed imagining I owned that house.

Michael Blackmon: My favorite scene was the ending, when all of the agents finally confront Christine about her ridiculous lies. But it took until the end of the whole season! They wasted my time! I felt like I waited the entire season for something to happen between Christine and the other agents. The big moment where she and Mary hash things out was so underwhelming.

SK: That’s kind of Selling Sunset’s way, no big scenes until the very last episode. That’s all ya get.

SM: The teaser of Jason and Chrishell kissing is a federal crime, against me personally. How dare you give us 10 episodes of “Everybody Hates Christine” and then throw that in as a cliffhanger to make sure I watch next season.

MB: I related to Heather storming off at the end. That’s how I get when I’m so frustrated and the person I’m trying to reason with is a…uh, fickle individual, to say the least.

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