Jillian Michaels Reacts to Her Ex's Accusation She 'Used to Spit on People'

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Jillian Michaels is responding to ex Jackie Warner's claims she "used to spit on people" in restaurants when they were dating during the '90s. The Biggest Loser alum alleged on the Hot Takes & Deep Dives with Jess Rothschild podcast Monday that she and Michaels would get "thrown out" of restaurants because her ex was "screaming loud" and "cursing," which eventually led to the end of their relationship.

"I just was not the same. I mean, she used to spit on people," Warner claimed, adding later of the cause of their breakup, "The [seven-year] age difference and her making really bad decisions and quite frankly, her just not being a good girl, she just wasn't a good girl. And I did bad things, but I've always been a good girl."

Thursday, Michaels took to her Instagram to address "complete lies about me that I spit on people in restaurants." In the two-minute video, Michaels slammed Page Six for first reporting on Warner's claims, saying she couldn't believe it was garnering attention "considering everything going on in the world that is actually worthy of people's attention."

The Just Jillian alum accused the publication of not reaching out to her for a response. "You lie, though, that you reached out to my people for comment, which is completely untrue because the comment would've been that your article is untrue," she continued. "And I'm pretty sure if I had spit on many people in restaurants, or even one person for that matter, it would've already made your paper."

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Michaels added she was upset the story could have reached daughter Lukensia, 11, or son Phoenix, 9. "Yes, my kids know that I don't spit on people in restaurants, but it certainly isn't fun for them if they have to go to school and one of their friends says, 'I heard your mom spits on people in restaurants,'" she added. The fitness trainer ended her message, "Are you really that hard out for B.S. stories that you would lie to this degree and claim that you reached out to my reps before you printed this story? You gotta do better, man. You've got to do better."

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