I Overstressed My Body Until It Shut Me Down

“There, there, now,” my mom whispered, just like she used to when I was little, pushing my hair away from my wet, puffy face as she tried to rock me to sleep. I’d had insomnia for nearly three months. I was so tired that my eyes hurt, but my mind was dark and wild, thoughts pinging so fast in every direction it felt like they were physically bouncing off my skull. My heart rate was racing too, as it had been for days.

“What if I’m never the same?” I sobbed.

My brain felt like a tunnel, fuzzily manic. I struggled to focus at work and felt anxious. My thighs, face, abdomen, arms, and chest had inflated and felt like hard jelly. Inside, I was heavy and numb. I didn’t want to see anyone, do anything. Everything, even being happy, took so much eff...

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