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WandaVision spin-off from Marvel reportedly focuses on its best character

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Marvel is reportedly developing a spin-off show of WandaVision, based on Kathryn Hahn's villain Agatha Harkness. Like the main series, it'll come to Disney Plus if it goes ahead.

A Variety report says the new series, which sounds like it's in the very early stages, is a "dark comedy". The report confirms Hahn would return to the role – but just as importantly, WandaVision overseer Jac Schaeffer will write and produce the show. Marvel didn't comment on the report.

Wanda Maximoff's own story will resume in March's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, from director Sam Raimi. The other loose thread from that show is whatever happened to the White Vision – he disappeared after tapping into the original Vision's memories.

WandaVision has drawn the most awards attention of any of Marvel's shows to date, and it's no surprise. The series proved to be the best fit for the weekly episodic format, using a sequence of sitcom riffs to hint at the true reality behind Westview – a town where everything seemed a little bit too perfect.

Hahn's villain – revealed as such deep into the series – was an absolute highlight. The show gave us the Agatha Harkness winking meme. WandaVision ended with Agatha being trapped in Westview, seemingly for good, in her Agnes persona seen earlier in the series. They were smart not to kill off such a great character.

It sounds like we'll have to wait before we find out if Marvel and Disney Plus will pick the show up for a full run, but we're hopeful.

Next up in the MCU on the small screen is Hawkeye starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld, with Ms Marvel expected after that in 2022.

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Superficially, it's hard to see what story there is left to tell with Agatha, but the idea of a show focused exclusively on a villain clearly worked for Loki. Why not try it again with a character who's survived for hundreds of years?

In lieu of a WandaVision season 2, too, the spin-off would offer Disney Plus a way to capitalize on the success of the series without directly continuing the story. Given the Emmy love the show got, with 23 nominations and three wins, you can see why that might be appealing to the streamer.

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