Kim Kardashian Continues to Be Roasted for Tone-Deaf 'Work' Comment After Sharing New Phot

Kim Kardashian is still getting skewered online for her unwanted career advice to women in general. The reality star gave an interview with Variety on Wednesday where she told women: "get your f—ing ass up and work... it seems like nobody wants to work these days." The internet is not quite finished condemning the heiress for that take.

Kardashian's career advice fell flat for many people because of her trajectory to success. She has been wealthy for her entire life thanks to her father Robert Kardashian's high-profile law career – most notably his work defending O.J. Simpson in 1994. She worked briefly as a celebrity stylist out of high school, during which time she was accused of using a client's credit card to spend $120,000 at her f...

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